To spread awareness of the possibilities autism can bring, Kristine and Jacob both speak internationally. Here is a link to Jakes Ted Talk.

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Our team is working diligently to bring The Spark Method and Spark Spaces to as many communities as possible.


The Spark Award

Jakes talents are not singular. Many many people with autism can make significant contributions to our world. We are honoring and connecting them.

The Spark is the critically acclaimed international bestseller that details the real life journey of Jacob Barnett, a child prodigy who was also diagnosed with severe autism. Jacob's story became an important story in the history of autism because of his mother's courage to stand up for the potential that she saw in suffering children. It is also about the transformative power of hope and love on the human spirit. The family has advocated internationally for children's rights and education reform. Their humanitarian work continues to bring awareness of the dazzling possibilites that occur when we focus on the talent within the autism population and perhaps within all of us. Jacob is currently teaching and studying for his PHD at the Perimeter Institute for Advanced Theoretical Physics. In Canada, he completed his Master's thesis at age 15.

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