​​​A mothers story of nurturing genius

Kristine and Jacob Barnett


We are dedicated to changing the perception of autism! Join us in making meaningful change for the autism community! Here are some ways that we can work together! 

1.Learn the Spark Method! To join a group and be certified in teaching with the Spark for families or schools please contact us! 

2. Build a Spark Space! You can get information here to build a Spark Space for a child you love such as a mobile lab or art studio. You can also give a Spark Space to a child here! 

3.Book a speaker! Both Jacob and Kristine speak worldwide about science, The Spark, education reform, and learning in 3D. To invite us to speak please contact us here with details about your event or school. We also speak by Skype to book clubs and moms groups. 

4. Join the Youth Sports Movement! If you would like to form a team we are excited to help you out! You can also join a team in Canada by contacting us and leaving your information to the right!

5. See us on tour!We are planning a tour and would like to come to your area, if you are interested in tickets please preorder here by letting us know how many you will need ,your location, and who is in your group! 

Please include the subject and number (1 through 5) for the service you are requesting in the subject line.